Wonka Comedy Festival is coming back! Second edition of festival by collaborating theaters in Southeast Brabant

After a successful first edition, a sequel was inevitable. From Thursday, May 23 until Saturday, June 1, the second edition of the Wonka Comedy Festival will take place for all inhabitants of the Brainport region and beyond. With this year again comedy in all shapes and sizes, from ten different countries and on top of that even six different languages. There will be performances by comedians in Dutch, English, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Arabic. The Wonka Comedy Festival stems from the cooperation between Parktheater Eindhoven, Kattendans Bergeijk, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard and Het Speelhuis Helmond; or Wonka Podia.

The program has been carefully put together by the programmers of the Wonka Podia and is more versatile than ever. In the ‘homegrown’ category, festival visitors can enjoy Arjen Lubach, Christel de Laat, Kiki Schippers, Piet van Eeghen, De Cabaretclub, Piepschuim, Poezieboys and Jay Francis, among others. The hugely popular stand-up comedian Kor Hoebe – half Dutch and half Polish – comes with his first full evening Dutch-language show.

There is also plenty of room for increasingly popular English-language stand-up. Thanks to Netflix, many already know the comedic talents of Ari Eldjárn from Iceland and Nataly Aukar from Lebanon. The now New York-based comedian has already traveled all over the world and is coming to Brabant for the Wonka Comedy Festival for an English-language show. Indian talent Gauri B is also popular worldwide with her sharp humor thanks to social media. And from Greece comes Katerina Vrana with an English-language show.

Not only the English language is represented at the comedy festival. So will Turkish cabaret duo Kalt – Ozan Akyol and Erman Çağlar – take the stage, as well as Turkish comedian Deniz Göktaş. Both shows will be performed in Turkish. Arab comedian Ammar Daba brings a great lineup of hilarious Arab stand-up comedians (in Arabic).  And Ukrainian Stand-up Club “Is that?! standup” will hold a benefit night for Ukraine in Ukrainian. Polish stand-up comes in the form of the refreshing Aleksandra Radomska.

The Wonka Podia look forward to welcoming everyone who loves and wants to love comedy to their theaters. All ages and nationalities are more than welcome.

The complete program can be found at www.wonkacomedyfestival.com and ticket sales for all comedy shows have begun.